Wealth for Now

For many, short-term investment equals risk. Throwing yourself upon the mercy of the market and hoping for a positive outcome. With current trends of weak and unstable economic growth, returns from the market will likely continue to be volatile at best.

By building strategies centered around absolute return investing Rance Frederick & Associates pride ourselves on generating generous returns for our clients without exposing them to the hazards of playing short-term in the market.

Absolute return investing aims to produce a positive return over time, regardless of the prevailing market conditions. Even when markets are falling, an absolute return fund still has the potential to make money.

Consistent positive returns are the key objective for all of our clients. Unlike a traditional market strategy, where investors accept the risk that markets may fall dramatically from time to time, absolute return centers around consistently producing positive returns over a given investment horizon.

Investment gains can never be guaranteed but, by using a range of techniques not available to traditional investment portfolios and traditional investment advisors, our absolute return funds can generate smoother returns throughout the market cycle.

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